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adelitas bar tijuana mexico

Adelitas Bar Tijuana, Mexico

Adelita Bar in Tijuana Mexico opened its doors in 1962 as an authentic cantina in Tijuana Mexico. It quickly became the the #1 tourist bar in Tijuana Mexico's Zona Norte by providing Adult entertainment with sexy exotic latina dancers and beautiful mexican girls for that erotic experience, the sensual lap dances, the girlfriend experience, drinking beers and eating food with the girl of your choice and happy endings. We are your source for information about the legendary Adelita Bar in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico where the beer is cold and cheap and there are plenty of available hot mexican women. The Adelitas Bar has rooms upstairs at the Hotel Coahuila for roughly $15 for half an hour with showers and tubs in some.

The Adelita Bar is the most popular gringo bar in Tijuana, Mexico for a reason. From the outside of Adelita Bar you'll see a few male employees hanging outside, one with a clipboard to track the comings and goings of the girls. You're likely to see couples walking to and from the bar entrance to a set of stairs to the right. These stairs lead to the Hotel Coahuila, the standard hotel to do business from Adelita Bar, in both the evening and the day.

The Adelita Bar has a rich history. Many Americans spend lots of time and money enjoying the bar girls of Adelitas. The drinks are good, the girls, are good. Everything just comes together at Adelitas Bar. Adelita Bar Tijuana Mexico is much like an American strip club except someone has removed all the rules and made it into an adult disneyland with really no waiting in lines.

Adelita Bar Hours:

Adelita Bar does not have set hours of operation so we created this Adelita Bar Hours page to get you there while it is open. Adelita Bar opens normally in the late morning, but there are usually no girls until after noon. A decent crowd will probably not form until two or three in the afternoon. Adelita Bar normally does not close until around five or six in the morning making sure everyone has had his fill.

adelita bar pictures

Adelita Bar Pictures

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adelitas bar tijuana mexico

Adelitas Bar Presents: Tijuana Girls Webcams

Zona Norte in Tujuana, is known for Tijuana girl hookers, sexy Tijuana girls, strip-clubs, bars and cheap hotels, but it is so much more that just that and we want to give you just a tease of what to expect here in TJ and see why Adelita Bar quickly became the the #1 tourist bar in Tijuana Mexico.

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adelita bar girls pictures

Adelita Bar Girls Pictures

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Adelita Bar Girls Videos

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adelita bar map

Adelita Bar Map

We don't want you getting lost finding Adelita Bar so here is a Adelita Bar Map page top help you find your way.

Here are Adelita Bar Directions also: On the south side of Calle Coahuila between the streets Constitucion and Niņos Heroes.

Be cautious and aware while in the Zona Norte, much as you would in a not-so-nice area of any major city. Zona Norte is full of people who will take advantage of tourists who appear to be unfamiliar with the area. Often (but not always), Mexicans who speak good English in this area may be criminals or other undesirables who have been deported from the United States.

In particular, police in Zona Norte will target tourists and accuse them of crimes in order to extort "fines" from them. Some say you should be polite but firm in insisting that they take you to see a judge, which is the only legal way they can take you to jail. Others say that it is easier to just pay the "fine" and not waste time negotiating with the police. The decision as to whether to politely refuse or simply pay the "fine" must be made individually based on each person's comfort level.

Be careful when speaking to people in the Zona Norte, as police may accuse you of attempting to buy drugs if you are seen talking with known drug dealers, even if you simply told the person you are not interested in buying any.

WARNING: One area which requires special caution is the southwest corner of Calle Coahuila and Avenida Niņos Heroes, near the Kinkle Bar. This bar is a known hangout for transvestites who can be very aggressive with pedestrians, and who are notorious pickpockets. Be extremely careful to guard the contents of your pockets around here, and be very suspicious of any "women" who approach you.

See this Adelita Bar Map page with various maps and directions such as:
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- View WikiMapia's detailed Adelita Bar Map
adelita bar reviews

Adelita Bar Reviews

Read our collection of adelita bar reviews and growing...

Check out these Adelita Bar reviews about the famous TJ, mexico bar with the most beautiful young girls in all of Tijuana Mexico. These Adelita Bar reviews hear about others' experinces and suggestions at the bar with great daily adult entertainment, drinking, partying and dancing with a happy ending.

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Adelita Bar Hotel - Coahuila
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Tijuana Mexico Hotels

Tijuana has no shortage of hotels. The Tijuana Mexico hotels range between budget and all the way to 5 star hotels. Once you get a little away from the busy streets the hotels seem to get better, there are also several nice vacation rentals on the outskirts of Tijuana Baja California near the beaches like Rosarito. Rosarito Beach (Playas de Rosarito in Spanish; also known as Rosarito) is a city in the Mexican state of Baja California located approximately 35 minutes south of Tijuana Mexico and we recommend the
Adelita Bar's Hotel
adelitas bar pictures

Adelitas Bar Spring Break

Every February, with March just around the corner everyone is planning some fun in the sun for Spring Break. That means when the spring break countdown has started and it would not be that long from now before the gates of freedom are held wide open and the beer-thirsty, entertainment-hungry students of the country want to head south to Adelita Bar. Although there are several places in the Untied States that can provide spring breakers with everything they may possibly need to enjoy and unwind, many students choose to travel out of the country to Adelita Bar Tijuana Mexico for several reasons.

The city of Tijuana in Baja California is one of the several favorite spring break destinations. In fact, the city has developed a reputation over the years as a wild and enjoyable city, especially for students on spring break looking to unwind and have a good time. For one, the city of Tijuana is very close to the United States and is very easy to visit Adelita Bar in Tijuana Mexico. The peninsula of Baja California is located a the immediate south of San Diego, California and visiting its beautiful lands easy and convenient. You can take the plane, a yacht, a cab or a shuttle bus to Tijuana from downtown San Diego. In fact, you can even walk to the border and enter the city just as long as you an ID with a photo and your passport with you.
adelitas bar pictures

Adelitas Tijuana Mexico

We have written up more about the Adelitas Tijuana Mexico area to give you an idea of the Tijuana Mexico Nightlife and more information.
Tijuana Mexico Hotels
Adelita Bar
#1841 Calle Coahuila
(Zona Norte)
Tijuana, Mexico
+52 (664) 685-3580